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Welcome to Tianjin!
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Tianjin Transportation

External traffic

Tianjin seashore international airport is located the Zhanggui village of Dongli area of Tianjin city, is 13 kilometers far from the urban district, it is one of big international airports of our country, It is the second international airport beside the Beijing international airport in Huabei area, it is the additional airport of Beijing airport, can get on and off various types planes, have more than 40 domestic and international line. Additional, The Beijing airport can be the choice of going to Tianjin, have the bus come and back from the Beijing airport to Tianjin.

Tianjin connects our country northeast and South China by the Beijing Kazak railroad and the Beijing to Shanghai railroad, Tianjin has 4 passenger transportation train stations, the Tianjin station is located east of the Tianjin liberation bridge, the Tianjin north station is located the Hebei area, the south station is located the east of the river area six latitudes roads, the west station is located northmost part northeast jin-Pu Railroad, the west of Tianjin urban district. What is biggest is the Tianjin station, here is the junction of Jingshan line and the JinPu line, Ji line, understands Beijing, Shanhai Pass, Jinan, Ji conty, Ba state and so on five directions, has railroad from Tianjin to Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Harbin, Manzhouli, Kowloon and so on places, moreover, has the express train from Beijing and the Tianjin Tangku to be interlinked.

Water Carriage
Tianjin port is located the west bank of Bohai bay, is the biggest artificial harbor in our country, is located the Persian Gulf West bank the Haihe river to enter the seaport, is Beijing's and Tianjin's marine gateway, is composed by the river port and the harbor two parts, divides into the northern border, south the boundary, the Haihe river three big ports areas, undertakes the passenger transportation duty is the Tianjin port third harbor terminal company, its main passenger transportation route has to Yantai, Dalian, Longkou as well as the South Korean inchon, the Japanese Kobe and so on..

Tianjin's highway traffic skeleton line mainly is composed by 102, 104, 105, 112, 205, 307, 341 and so on the federal highway and the Beijing and Tianjin and Tangshan, Beijing to Shenyang, Beijing to Shanghai, Tianjin to Tangshan and so on the highway, extremely facilitates from Tianjin to Beijing's highway traffic.
Has many long-distance passenger depots in the Tianjin various areas, in which is located the Nankai area the Tianhuan long-distance passenger depot is primarily by the province border passenger transportation, has sends out places the such as Beijing, Shanghai as well as Hebei, Shanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangxi passenger transportation bus service, other passenger depots then mostly are close to the provincial capital area by the Tianjin suburban counties and Tianjin the passenger transportation bus service primarily!

Internal traffic

The subway
Local Tianjin the subway outset stands in the junction of Nanjing road and Xinhua road, heads west along Nanjing road, pass through the Yingkou road, Anshan road, the Haiguag temple, fold to the north, after the Nankai three streets, west road, Dafeng road to the jin-Pu Railroad west of Tianjin station, altogether supposes 8 stations.

The Tianjin urban district very many public transportation vehicle all implements the self-service ticketing, the vehicle bribes 1-2 Yuan, goes to development zone the fare to take 4-5 Yuan.
Tianjin also to have bus view light, from the Peking-Tientsin Campaign memorial hall to the Tianjin steel mill, the one-way travel is approximately 85 minutes, the line way scenic spot includes: Peking-Tientsin Campaign memorial hall, Ziya River, secondhand clothes street, classical Chinese literature street, temple of Confucian learning, food street, hotel street, a palace, celebrity former dwelling, a financial street, history museum and so on !

The small bus is 5yuan/4 kilometers, 1.3/ kilometer then; The Xiali is 5 yuan/3 kilometers, 1.5yuan/ kilometer then.
Everywhere all has the taxi round the clock service. According to the vehicle type difference, each kilometer is different from 1-2 Yuan, the start cost \ during 7-10 Yuan.

The bicycle
Traveling in the Tianjin urban district, may choose rents the bicycle to ride instead of walking, generally has the bicycle hiring in some hotels entrances, the majority of implementations on time cost, generally is 4 Yuan/hours!

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