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Travel guide of Tianjin

>>The Panshan mountain scenery scenic spot area
Is located the northwest of JI county of Tianjin 15 kilometers place, and further because she is majestically located east of Beijing, therefore has "the first mountain of Jingdong " the reputation. The old name of mountain have Wuzhong, XuWu, Sizheng, Panlong. Panshan is a reason section of south the Yanshan sierra, the long of east and west is 20 kilometers, the north and south extends 10 kilometers, grand varied, the scenery was quiet ancient, To have long enjoyed a good reputation, once entered rows of the Chinese 15 big famous mountains. Far when at the beginning of Tang, The Taizong eastern expedition triumphal returns to swim on the way to this enjoys, once approved the mouth not certainly. To the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations, here builds up the temple 72, pagoda 13, the temporary palace, the tower everywhere, the situation is unprecedented.
The Panahan mountain scenic area is 106 square kilometers, have famous "five peaks", "eight stones", "three curve", but also had Tiancheng temple, Wan Song temple, Yunzhao temple and stupa and so on. Five peaks are Guayue peak, Zigai peak, the Zilai peak, Jiuhua peak, the Jianwu peak, echoes with the Shanxi Wutai Mountain, is known as "east five". The prominent peak Guayue peak, the elevation is 864 meters. Five peaks crowd together, fascinating. By the west road mountaineering, the terrain of the first, center, the next three curves shapes. Three curves views is unique, Shangpan pine, Zhongpan stone, Xaipan water, person called "three curves victories".
Come and back from the lotus flower range, transfers has inscribed " enter the scene" two great characters big stones, passes through four access, Yuanbao stone, receives a guest the pine, then to under the next cueve. The next cueveis famous by the beautiful water, has the quality is bone-chilling cold pleasant water and tasty the brook spring, said the water drop rushing current the class waterfall and is made by the reputation "stands the copious manna" the red dragon flour pond. Winding around a mountain first big temple Tiancheng temple constructs in here, this temple beginning constructs at the Tang Dynasty, latter repairs.
Continues walk to high, the Xuankong stone, the undulation stone, the courtyard stone, general the stone of "eight stones" and so on all in here, the undulation stone is resembles the peach shaped birthday cake together the megalith, but puts out a hand as soon as to push it may be shake, makes one exclaim over. Ascends a height to get a broad view, here pine lumber is green, the forest are striving, moreover the growing trend is strange, some resemble the person of outstanding talent living in seclusion, the hawk, some picture phoenix wings, the canopy, no wonder have "Shangpan pine" saying. Under in the plate foot of a hill Ji county, has the famous millennium ancient temple Gucha temple. It is said An Lushan revolts Tang, is at here pledge rally, his happy top, therefore by " top " two characters prominent monasteries.

>>Top temple
Is located in the west gate of Ji county of Tianjin city. The beginning constructs at the Tang Dynasty, Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion and the entrance in the temple reconstructs at Tonghe two years of Liao dynasty, is one of domestic extant most ancient wood construction constructions. The entrance is front door of the top temple, on the top of lintel is hanging: "Top temple "3 characters big plaques. In both sides the entrance has two big Son of Heaven carve to guard, the popular name "humph" "Kazak" two admiral, will be the painted sculpture valuable thing of Liao dynasty.
Above the entrance station base is setting up 20 thick wooden poles, 4 corner posts column heads micro receive to in, the column foot leaves slightly to outside, this was our country ancient times the artisan creates "the side foot" the technique, the function is the stable structure, prevented the building leaned outside. Above each column head, tiredly is folding many takes the form of "fights" the side log and the appearance likely long arch bending-wood. This group of groups timber component is called "the dougong". The dougong is the unique characteristic of historic building in our country, it not only beautified construction, moreover may reduce between the column and the crossbeam "the shearing force". Above the dougong is the crossbeam, The head of ridge is supporting the purlin, they through the tenon riveting, organically connect in together, shoulders the complete weight of the building, this kind of frame posture wood construction, is prominent achievement of historic building to the world of our country. Four sides the entrance roof makes the slope shape, the ancient name traditional Chinese-style roof with four surfaces sloping away from ridgepole goes against, the slope face gentle micro tune, the eave angle like wing like flies, the modelling is unique and graceful, this was important characteristic of our country in an ancient architecture.
Passes through the entrance, passed through the millennium copal, a grand pavilion flat land rises, this is Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion which is the top temple main body construction. The Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion height is 23 meters, are the highest extant double-decked pavilion construct of our country. Its prominent characteristic is "the dougong" the structure. About eave dougong thick grand, the arrangement is bright, is playing the load-bearing role. The dougong type in entire big Chinese style pavilion is many, because the position and the function need to be different, altogether has used 24 kinds of structures, with other component to coordinate, composes an exquisite unification whole. Pavilion of Goddess of Mercy of the happy temple incorporates the strong points of timber structure building of our country, was the domestic extant age earliest ancient times wood construction pavilion. According to the literature record, the top temple since the reconstruction in Liao dynasty, has received several dozens earthquakes, the top temple entrance and the Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion is actually safe. In the Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion, reaches as high as 16 meters Goddess of Mercy carve to stand erect the central committee, Statue of Goddess of Mercy, because of 10 pieces of small Buddhism on the top of the head, known as 11 faces Goddess of Mercy, it is one of the domestic biggest clay sculptures. The Goddess of Mercy two sides stand two Bodhisattvas, appearance abundant Run, the posture are being exquisite, inherits with the traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women of Tang Dynasty, This is an ancient sculptor the image of personage of life was constructed in the typical embodiment that Buddha pursued at that time. The four walls of Goddess of Mercy Chinese style pavilion, are drawing the multi-colored mural, south the two sides of wall front door are four arms and superhuman carve of emperor Ming, two sides of back door of north wall and east, west mural painting 16 Arhat. These all were art essence in the ancient times. Now, the top temple with Baita Temple, the Luban temple, the drumtower together has become the famous scenic site in JI county.

>>Greatly sad courtyard
Is located the Tianwei road of Hebei area of Tianjin, is Tianjin preserves complete, a scale biggest eight sides Buddha temple. They are composed by the east courtyard and the west courtyard two parts, the west courtyard called the old temple, the beginning to construct at Qing Shunzhi years, the Kanghsi eight years (in 1669) expands to construct, and was composed by the cultural relic palace and the abbot courtyard, the east courtyard called the new temple, constructed in 1940, by the Tianwang palace, Mahavira Temple, the greatly sad palace, the repository for buddhist scriptures, the side hall, the side room and the winding corridor was composed, was main body of the temple. In the palace has the copper Buddha image of Buddha, but also models has the greatly sad Bodhisattva, sits the Goddess of Mercy, the maitreya buddha, the Tianwang image, Arhat image and so on. Been collecting between Wei Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties and Ming and Qing Dynasties several hundred of every generation of copper, wood, stone engraving statue in Mahavira Temple lying in the middle of the courtyard, the craft and artistic level are very high. Hall enshrine and worship clever bone of Master, Xuanzang of Tang Monk, also, represent India blue top temple that 1956. The green tile of red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes in the courtyard, Buddha builds high jar, the pine and cypress reaches to the sky, solemn and solemn and quiet, it is national key Buddhism temple. Great sorrow institute because enshrine and worship heavy sad the Goddess of Mercy (let a thousand hand Goddess of Mercy also) and gain the name, a thousand hand Goddess of Mercy Statue of original cypress wood carving, destroys in " the ten years of turmoil " in the temple.

>>Huo Yuanjia former dwelling cemetery
The first grandfather of Precise military, enjoy great prestige in China and foreign countries with consummate Wushu and skill, strong patriotic spirit. Tianjin the west blue and green district little south river one farm house of village is the residence of HuoYuanJia. This is the courtyard of the ordinary farm house type of sun-dried mud brick wall of a blue and green tile, there is bright two or three dark rooms of sun-dried mud brick room inside, the life apparatus of the furnishings of those years and brief introduction of the situation at that time in the house, central room the first portrait of the deceased was Shooting in Tianjin in 1909, to extend condolences " all one's life chivalrous, unparalleled hero " writed by his second son Huodongge, the east is bedroom of Huoyuanjia who is before death . Huo Yuanjia (1869-1909 year), is born in Tianjin's martial arts aristocratic family, trained hard Wugong since childhood. His Wugong is not only has inherited the inherited unique skill, moreover side senate each faction, abundantly picked the audiences to be long, get the outstanding skill of wushu, once was defeated has been known as at that time the unmatched in the world Russian vigorously earth and the English strongman, strove to defeat the Japanese Judo team, inspired the national prestige greatly. For the powerful nation strong people, he organized Shanghai fine military sport Clubhouse in Shanghai, Sunzhongshan once superscription "the martial spirit" several large brush-written Chinese characters for it. Afterwards, Huo Yuanjia take is treated an illness by the human kills by the poison. After he died, His disciple holds the pivot shaft to turn over to, buries him south the small Nan River village. HuoYuanjia although died in youth, but he initiates the essence military spirit can spread and develop actually.
At present, fine military sport Clubhouse has proliferated domestic and foreign, in places such as Southeast Asia more is in vogue especially. For commemorate the precise military grandfather, hometown people build blow cemetery park for him, in front of white marble tomb carved with 4 King words of " encouraged a military spirit " by Sunzhongshan, Huo YuanJia's half-length statue stands erect in the flowers and trees clump of the cemetery park.

>>Tianjin three treasures
Inside and outside the Tianjin old city, constructs for the Ming Dynasty.
Its drumtower, is located the center of old city, Ming Yunglo two years (1,404) builds the Tianjin Wei city, the Hongzhi six years (1,493) constructs the drumtower. Lower part the building the brickwork tower on a city wall, four sides opens the arch door channel, by links up four avenues in the city. In the gate inlays stones the volume to say that, "East of town", "west on An", "South of Ding", "North of Gong". Above the tower on a city wall constructs the wood construction tower over a city gate, on, next two floors, the grey tile rests the summit. The lower level consecrates the idol; The upper formation hangs bell (clock presently to hide history museum), Take the clock instead of the drum, hits 108 sounds every day, with by reports time. In 1952, the drum tower because obstructed the transportation to demolish
Its two is forts, outside all around of. Ming Chongzhen 12 years (1,639) dial constructs, altogether seven establish separately west of the Haiguang temple, the Majiakou, three-road junction Hebei, kiln hollow Henan, Xigu, east of Shao Gongzhuang, Shuangzhongnan. Each fort dials 10 common soldiers day and nights to defense, with by defends the security of the city.

Its three bells sound in the Chinese style pavilion, outside northwest corner of city. It is the Buddhist scriptures Chinese style pavilion. The temple for is Ming Shenzong constructs in the Wanli seven years (1,579), the Qing Kanghsi 38 years (1,699) reconstruct. Outside the Chinese style pavilion the eave is heavy, the projecting eaves tiles diversity, the eave angle is hanging the wind chimes, total 48, the breeze sways, can hear in far Li, therefore called bell Chinese style pavilion. The Chinese style pavilion Inner Tibet Buddhism "Buddhist scriptures" and the precious books, were the ancient times Tianjin culture Holy Land and the Double Ninth Festival climb up institute of. The Guangxu years is burnt down by the fire. In 1901 the former site rebuilt the bell Chinese style pavilion middle school.

>>Tianjin natural history museum
In Hexi area MaChangdao No 206, in 1953 established in the original northern border museum foundation. With a construction area of 10716 square meters, among them the exhibition room is with an area of 2700 square meters. Of our country history most long, collection ore, biological Natural History Museum of discipline abundant most one of. The hall hides and takes extinct plants and animal, animal, plant sample as the core, there are nearly 400,000 samples. Among them the extinct plants and animal and fossil are the most precious.
Step into the display hall, lie across the relief wall of nearly one hundred square meters of low red copper of it, it brings people to immemorial time, go to seek the source where the life take place, develop, find out the historical orbit of the biological evolution. Preface Room regards " the earth and life " as the theme and designs. The earth that we inhabited has already gone through the developing history of about 4,600 million years. She is that the mankind really knows the only celestial body with life so far. Set up the large-scale earth model in the middle of Preface Room, will tell people the shape of the earth, structure and rotation movement, and reveal sequentially earth's core, earth mantle, the earth's crust, lithosphere, water are enclosed, the biosphere, atmosphere are enclosed layer while enclosing etc.. Aquatic biological drawing room: Look from space, the earth is a blue planet, its surface more than 70 percent areas are awash. It is pregnant with the first life of the earth, multiplies out one very various aquatic biological world, from the simplest protist to the mammal with developed brain. The ecosystem made up by the aquatic living beings is playing an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. Insect's drawing room: In large nature, live one relatively little size, multi-colored, comes in every shape , little vigorous animal various in style ---Insect. It nearly occupies every corner of the earth. The statistics show, there are nearly 1 million kinds of insects on the earth, accounts for 3/4 of known animals. The amount of kind of it, the quantity is big, is that any other animals can't compare. They must have a incomparable impact on our mankind. Tropical botany: In tropical greenhouse of 170 square meters, have Pu Kui, false sesame oil, wine bottle coconut, getting safe Zhyuan, banyan, bodhi tree, SuTie, araucaria, crane hope blue, several broadleaf plants,etc. tropical plant of model, traveller of giant, there are pteridophyte such as dark hair brake, phoenix's tail brake, small deerhorn brake under the forest. In addition, you still can see wooden leaf cactus, rhinoceros horn, iron being blue, the butterfly is blue,Wandailan, Herba nepenthis, iron cross Chinese flowering crabapple, Columbia spend candle and African violet ,etc.. Creep in the drawing room amphibiously: In the arms of the nature, people and animal are correlated with intimatly, full of with this vitality common world. In order to let the audience understand rich and colorful animal's world more, have exhibited the foolish appearance of expression of the precious and rare amphibious reptile here, have introduced the producing area, life habits and acquired characteristics , physique characteristic of various animals. Sea shellfish hall: The sea shellfish took marvelous marine life world a big race is in animal kingdom's second big class group. This hall attempts through the massive rare and precious tropics sea shellfish specimen to open leaf of understanding sea to the mass audiences, the window of knew the sea shellfish resources, this hall divided into the shellfish chats, the vicissitudes shell dike, the Tianjin vicissitudes changeable three parts, from the shallow to the deep prompts the shellfish to be long but the complex evolutionary process to the audience.
A drawing room of extinct plants and animal: This drawing room mainly represents the lively and outstanding scene of reptile's great development in Mesozoic Era, stress the peculiar animal of Mesozoic Era favored by the masses of audiences - -The elegance of the dinosaur, make everybody obtain more knowledge about dinosaur. Mesozoic Era, i.e. the earth Middle Ages era of life of history, divide into 3 periods ---In the Triassic Period, Jurassic Period and Cretaceous period, probably began to stopping 65 million years ago 250 million years ago, it has lasted 185 million years. In Mesozoic Era, the climate is warm, moist, it's like spring all the year round, fern and ginkgo , Su Tie , pine and cypress and gymnosperm grow everywhere, very suitable reptile of this kind of environment survives, especially all kinds of dinosaurs, multiply, split up, spread all over all parts of the world rapidly, succeed in becoming the ruler on the earth at that time. Therefore Mesozoic Era is called " reptile era " or " dinosaur era " by people. Two drawing rooms of extinct plants and animal: What this drawing room is exhibited is the ancient mammal among 10,000 years in 10 million years ago, they until Qingyang of Gansu, Yushe of Shanxi, Yangyuan of Hebei and Sa draw dark Su of Neimeng, etc. place unearthed inside male genital, have already collected the above of half a century in this hall. The mammal of life on the earth of today, probably has more than 4,000 kinds. But during long years, once there was one period, exterminated again later. Animal's ecological drawing room: What this exhibition room is shown is creeping, birds and beasts' animal group displayed according to the geographical form of the ecology. There are vast seas of woods of the Northeast, there is a vast grassland of north of the Great Wall too; The subtropical high mountain forest is irritated, there is tropical rain forest in Nanjiang. The animal among them is vivid, rich colorful to live, amounts to about 140 kinds, more than 200. The exhibition is mixed with high mountain, flowing water, utilize the Hi-Tech means to show the dynamic scene of their life and animal's change in kind daytime and night, go on the soft meadow, come under tall and big banyan, make the audience like coming into the wilderness, have a guide look of life and vigor of the nature. Animal's ecological drawing room has multimedia to touch mould, computer jigsaw, line question and answer,etc. and let the audience touch it thenselves, make the audience so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return.

>>Recommend Goddess of Mercy of the good fortune the temple
Lie in the Dazhigu of Hedong area on Tianjin city, Tianjin-Tahngshan is at the junction of Dazhigu highway, cover an area of more than 5000 square meters. Dazhigu is the origin of Tianjin, there were halls of Buddhist nunnery of more than 30 temples in history, is also called " fist have the Dazhigu, and then there is Tianjin ", recommend temple construct at the site of the medicine emperor temple, recommended the new rites place rebuilt in strange land of Buddhist nunnery of the good fortune by Buddhism. An ancient Chinese scholartree (one of the Triratna of the temple ) for more than 600 years in front of the flexible treasure hall in the temple. Vicissitudes pass, the ancient Chinese scholartree is still here, it the stockaded village evidence of deep history leisurely directly of Zhigu. People are all praised as " the supernatural tree ", really people's ancestors of Zhigu. Tree Bodhisattva emperor of 600 years will enshrine and worship before the ancient Chinese scholartree, will escort the treasured temple. Flexible treasure hall enshrine and worship a thousand hand view generation sound Bodhisattva on four sides, 8.6 meters of common height, fragrant camphorwood, Japanese down payment solemn, hall hang nine dragon board and nine quare board, Bodhisattva in the palace the incarnation mural painting of 32, show unique characteristics generation such as view such as picture, hall can hold 450 people meanwhile course are read aloud. The well would tower a thousand Buddha pagoda on 11 storeys of 13 meters high the day before yesterday in the flexible treasure hall, carved statue of Buddha of 1000 Sakyamuni on the tower. Tall and big, solemn incomparably. add another scene for Zhigu anciently. Recommend good fortune Goddess of Mercy temple central axis composed by decorated archway of Song dynasty, mountain door hall, Weituo hall, flexible treasure hall. There is the three Temple of God of the east on both sides, the three Temple of God in the West, it defend the doctrine hall, last hall, medicine emperor hall, tree emperor Bodhisattva of halls, depositary of Buddhist texts, five view hall, last hall ( can obtain more than 300 people at the same time), expound doctrines and experiences hall(i.e. electricity hall, hold 400 people at the same time ) , Buddhism hotel (go to guest's hall ) , computer room , the storehouse and large-scale meeting room . Flexible treasure hall room build our country unique ground " pay a debt of gratitude hall ", enshrine and worship three generation Rulai and Bodhisattva, Tibetan king of place, in main hall ", it and can more support at the same time to growth period 10000 of memorial tablet, every the first day, 15th, Temple Buddhist monks release souls from purgatory back to turn towards for ghost. Leave the bitness and gain the happy, growing the pure land and early. The bell tower of the temple, the drum-tower opening to the outside world, inside 5 tons of copper bells will open to the outside world, hang 5 copper bell (one of temple Triratna ) inside and two of diameter get thunder sound drum, Bell and Drum Tower have styles to take 4 wayside pavilions in Song Dynasty also, quiet to sit in meditation , build up destination.
Recommend temple, Goddess of Mercy of good fortune , must build with simple and unsophisticated , refined , unique and condensing, grand, grand for the fundamental key, reflect historical appearance already, reveal modern style, with so close at hand that Tainfei palace of Yuan Ming Qing, princess of clear sky, enhance each other's beauty. Will become larger Bhiksuni jungle, distinctive Buddhism playground, the North and travel sight-seeing resort.

>>The quiet park
In peaceful area saddle mountain road No 70, constructed in 1921, the Qing Dynasty last years Emperor Puyi moves here in 1927, and had the life of observed calmly the exomorphism in this 4 years. In garden main construction for around two post and panel structures two floors of western-style building, as well as studio, storehouse and so on. In the garden the winding path corridor winds to pass quiet, during the strange stone spring embellishment, east the building also repairs a tennis court, periphery the village wall surrounds, the decoration is fastidious.
Pu Yi (1,906 - 1,967), last years emperor of Qing dynasty, emperor of false "Manchukuo". Surname is Aisin Giorro, is the son of mellow crown prince carries. On November 14, 1908, 3 year-old Pu Yi is set up for emperor, the reign title "Xuantong Period". In 1912 Republic of China's had been established, ascends the throne does not fill 3 years Pu Yi acting to promulgate by the prosperous abundant queen mother "Abdicates Imperial edict", not the waste reign-title, still occupied in the palace. Under July 1, 1917, the Pu Yi in opened the merit to present a memorial requesting restores the monarchy, restored the Xuantong Period reign title, after 12 days, along with opened the merit the defeat but to be compelled to abdicate. After in 1924 Feng Yuxiang and so on started the Beijing coup d'etat, left the palace. In February, 1925, the Pu Yi escorted from the Japan plain clothed policeman to the Tianjin date foreign settlement. After in 1931 "918" the emergency, the Pu Yi will go to northeast, the next year March, worked as "Manchukuo" falsely being in power, in 1934 March renamed falsely "the Manchu empire" emperor, changed the year of "Kangde". After on August 14, 1945 the Japanese unconditional surrender, the Pu Yi ran away toward to Japan is captured on the way by Soviet troops on August 17, detains to Siberia, has imprisoned for 5 years in the concentration camp. In August of 1950 is turned over by the Soviet government for the Chinese government, successively imprisons for 10 years in Harbin and the Fushun two war criminals administration centers. On December 4, 1959 released Japan economy (stock) the People's Republic of China Supreme People's Court according to the decree of special pardon. Commissioner, the Historical Material Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of successor, let political consultative conference committee member of the fourth National Committee, the people of Chinese, 1964. Died of illness in Beijing on October 17, 1967.

>>Gu waters rosy clouds
Haihe River scenery, begin with the junctions, stops in the large brightness bridge, cross flourishing Tianjin urban area. It like a long scenery picture scroll, disguises Tianjin more lovingly pathetically. Beauty of it, show on the Haihe River park, well-known on looking at sea floor churching both at home and abroad that people enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home, a grand one " always leading railway station " --Tianjin station, but it let most sentimentally attached is to after night fall, sea river water flashing glistening light of waves beauty of lamplight, flow in beautiful not stopped. Indistinct a variety of light of that two sides, reflect in the river, float like the beautiful rosy clouds, the flowing water slowly, send a lot of rosy clouds the distant place far away, make people produce the limitless reverie. In Tianjin, have claim of " 72 Gu ", Haihe River is called " the water of Gu" by some people. Then " Gu waters rosy clouds " is spread like this.

>>The anciently in Haimen
The fort greatly in Dagu- Tianjin is the door of Beijing, The sea mouth of Dagu is " the rejecting of Tianjin ", she lies in the intersection of pool of Haihe River and the Bohai Sea of southeast of the city 60 kilometers. Began to set up defence in the Ming Dynasty, named in three words of " majestic ", " town " , " sea ". In order to strengthen the coast defence the eighth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty (1858 ), guarantee capital city and its environs' security and build 6 forts. 3 in south bank among them, 2 in north bank, take shape of " majestic, gradually, the town, the sea, the door, high " as the intact of defence system of the subject . Modern, invade with foreign big powers to China, Dagu area become military strategic point of in the North even more. There are tiger's doors in the south, Dagu in the north, this is two important coast defence protective screens in China's modern history. But Dagu fort is the historical witness of Chinese nation to resist, invade, defying brutal suppression. Between 60 solid years of 1900 and 1840 years, foreign big powers are in order to capture the economic benefits in China and political privilege, four times to mobilize and invade Dagukou successively among 1900 from 1858. They rely on " strong military attack " take Dagu area to his iron heel ravage, close into Beijing, burn the torch which is praised as the east artistic Yuanmingyuan of palace, force the Qing ruler to leave Beijing and flee twice. Under the forced circumstances by the invader arms, the Qing Government has signed unequal treaties. In the face of strong invader, army and the people of Dagu area, each go on the life-and-death struggle with own flesh and blood and enemy invading, have revealed the Chinese people are unyielding, brave and strong national spirit to the world. According to " hard ugly treaty " of humiliating the nation and forfeiting its sovereignty, the Qing Government was forced to demolish the Dagu fort in 1901, only store three " sea " word forts and fort sites on the south bank now. The fort is close to the sea now, visitors can also view the seascape in the far distance .

>>The north impregnable pass of Ji county
The Great Wall is a symbol of mankind's great creativity. This creativity was rich 5,000 civilized Chinese nation embodied. It rises from the Shanhai Pass, turns over a thousand mountain ten thousand gullies which crosses the Yanshan Mountain like the huge dragon, with crossing the earth wave solidifying, end of the yellow precipice of the JI county of north of Tainjin, join body twist the body, the sharp claw catches the backbone of the mountain firmly suddenly, stand and erectly, form a group of critical scene with the forceful mountain. Battlement look far into the distance, like one hundred sheetses of tooth, insist blue sky relax. Ji county yellow precipice imprison, locate among the centre of Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Chengde, it is the strategic point from ancient times, it is the enemy in the north that intrudes in the communications centre of Kyoto. It was established in Tianbao seven years. This is the north site of Great Wall of Qi Dynasty considered as the national treasure that dates back to more than 1,400 years. In go through building expand many times, in order to imbued with strategic eyes patriotic to get relative continue and only preside over building once of the Great Wall, the scale is the most mighty. The Ju river is the key pass of the yellow precipice imprison of the Great Wall. Both sides of east and north city wall like one enormous iron pincers, lock the river by the waist. It is the peaceful stockaded village that chain of mountains of east bank towers, like a tall and big and stern protective screen, the flying bird should agitate wings too while flying over. This is Northwest city wall, form like the roll knife, cut off from Wang Mao mountaintop until west bank forces only way which must be passed of bank ruthlessly. From A.D. 1569 to 1571 year, totally in 3 years, the Great Wall to guard range in state of Ji, the project of build the Great wall is all completed, here from the Shanhai Pass in the east, the line of defence of more than 1000 kilometers by the town, stand 1017 grand enemy broadcasting stations, with the terrain, the height of the enemy broadcasting station is alternate, towering and uneven, afford a magnificent spectacle.

>>The tower fastens the cloud
Located in urban area to the south of the southwest Hexi District Blitai common bridge Nie, purple gold mountain road and Jin-Yan highway converge the triangular area of the place, border on the beautiful water garden in the west, adjoin the grand Balitai overpasses in the north, it is the tourist zone around.
The broadcasting television tower of Tianjin, was abbreviated as the tower of sky, built it in 1991, total height is 415.2 meters, this height after world armored concrete television tower rank center Canada, Toronto tower, Moscow tower, China " Pearl of the Orient " Tamerlan of Shanghai of Russia, it is the fourth in world, the second high tower of Asia. Broadcasting television tower take up an area of 300 Mu, located in the center of Tianta lake, like a sword to sky, penetrate into the clouds. 70 percent of tower district is the water areas. The terrain here is widened, with beautiful environment, a greenbelt all around. The flower is clustered round, the beautiful scenery of lake and tower, set each other off to blaze, it is characteristic of view of this area. The lake surface of the tower, drop and meet on the third floor, water curtain gushes out the pearl, the waterfall flows in like the tendency. There is fountain of music in the lake, spring and wonderful music gushing contrast finely with. Tower body of the tower take the form of parabola day, tower building is UFO type, lines extremely succinct, smooth, tall and straight as a whole. Locate in 248-278 meters of body of the tower, set up the expected drawing room and revolving restaurant, the revolving restaurant can hold more than 200 people to have dinner at the same time. Visitor can look down at Tianjin through telescope, fasten cloud swing chest, seemed visit heaven against the wind, have long affection suddenly. In the feeling that the beautiful to be joyful, it is be getting more broad more limitlessly too in soul of people purify in this world. The feeling, use " whether tower fasten cloud day " describe, can't be more appropriate

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