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Welcome to Tianjin!
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The exhibition information in Tianjin

The Bohai Sea (Tianjin ) technological exhibition of international lathe mould of 2006 rings

Exhibition time: The 2nd - the 4th of March , 2006
The exhibition place: International Exhibition Centre of Tianjin
Organization units: Mould project society of Tianjin, the equipment management association of Tianjin, service Co., Ltd. of the good exhibition of generation of Tianjin

The range participating in the exhibition:
The lathes (metal processing lathe ): Process the lathe, wire cutting machine tool etc. with machining center, numerical control lathe, lathe, milling machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, puncher, boring machine, whorl ; Forging and pressing lathe : Mechanical press, hydraulic press, die casting machine, rolling over the curved machine, cutting the board machin , forging press etc.; All kinds of cutters: One hundred sheets (edge) has, card(insert) having, lathe attachment : Make jig , machine tool, numerical control system and other fittings,etc. up . The moulds (all kinds of moulds ): Press the mould, plastic mould, pressing mould for casting, forging die, ceramic model, stringy model, model, rubbery model of hard alloy ,etc.; The standard component of the mould : Mould shelf, push rod, thermal current one , locating stud is locked, elastic component, leading the air operated component of machinery; Shaping apparatus of the mould and device : Person who carve, polishing machine, shut mould machine, person who shape, plastic device, heat treatment apparatus, measuring instrument, rub, have abrasive, cut liquid, lubricating oil, glue mould pharmaceutical ,etc. fast. Other kinds moulds material.

Telephone number: 022-27696035
Contact: Miss Yang
Fax: 022-27610951

The 3rd China Tianjin scribble, load with electroplate and surface handle exhibition

Exhibition time: May 25, 2006
The exhibition place: Tianjin Hexi District sharp mountain path No. 102 beautiful to unite mansion 806 room
Sponsor uints: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Chamber of International Commerce of branch of Tianjin, the science and technology association of Tianjin of association of dealers of Tianjin, electroplate the employer's organization in Tianjin, abundant China exhibition service Co., Ltd.,

The organizor: Abundant China exhibition service Co., Ltd. of Tianjin

Produce the line:
The paint scribbles and puts, powder scribbles and puts, the car scribbles and loads the line with, the household appliances scribble and put the line, the manipulator scribbles and installs, color with board with hot zinc-plated, air and have angry spray gun, grit static spray gun, corona spray gun, reciprocal paint-sprayer, spraying room, solidification stove, conveyer belt, project serve; Machinery type and chemical formula are dealt with: Grind / polish / wax, gush out the sand or gush out a ball of apparatus, go burr, antirust , wash, defat, chemistry eliminate rust, phosphorus, electricity wash, go ion, steam defatting, supersonic wave , soaking , pickling ,etc.;
Electroplate the craft and plate the liquid: Electroplate, the electric brush is plated, chemistry is plated, the metal and alloy are electroplated, the vacuum is electroplated, conduct body metallization, the plastic is electroplated, electronic shaping, soak and electroplate, roll barrel electroplate, electroplate auxiliary, intermediate , plate chromium , copper facing, gild, plate platinum, silver-plated, tin-plated , copper and tin one copper, tin-plated first; The surface is dealt with, precise decorations apparatus and project: Spraying, electronic polishing, the electrophoresis scribbles and puts, the positive pole is oxidized, colour and transform and apply putting, the continuous stripe is electroplated, resist chemicals container and lining , electroplate designing, filtering and passivation, pump, stiring and mixing, soaking the heating furnace and designing, including Fluorine polymer heat exchanger etc. of the stores pylon; Hot spraying technology and equipment: Plasma, explode, electric arc, flame, pottery excellent spraying, gush out , weld; The laser melts, gushes out apparatus and technology such as the sand , robot again;
Technology of prevention of corrosion , raw materials and apparatus: Anti-corrosion wear-resisting metal and alloy and processing the apparatus; Anti-corrosion engineering plastics, lose pharmaceutical, detergent slowly. Process the apparatus with resin, glass fibre reinforced plastic ,etc. and the products; Other inorganic materials and products; Store the trough, cooling tower, heat exchanger, response cauldron, pump, valve, pipeline and is in charge of the fittings. Sacrifice positive pole, inert positive pole, electric potential control and protect the power. Corrode and monitor detecting instrument, experimental rig, apparatus, color to test etc.; Construction technology of the antiseptic project , apparatus ,etc.; Control, analysis and measuring instrument: Thickness measurement, the hardness measures, viscosity measurement, corroding measurement, sour alkalinity measuring, surface tension measurement, ucts of environmental protection: Wash the device , the waste gas is dealt with, the waste liquid is dealt with, the waste residue is dealt with, remove technology, apparatus and device such as smoke and dust, ventilation, air pollution control, waste water treatment; Other: The computer, software, publication / media, project / advisor serve, relevant new technologies, new craft, new products etc..

Contact address: Hexi District, Tianjin of China, sharp mountain path No. 102 beautiful to unite mansion 806 room
Telephone number: (86-22)28031958
Contact: Miss Liu
The postcode: 300211
Fax: (86-22)28031958

The hydraulic pressure of the 2nd China Tianjin is air operated, transmission and seal exhibition

Exhibition address: International Exhibition Centre of Tianjin (road No. 32 to the Youyi road of Hexi District of Tianjin )
The time participating in the exhibition: 2006-5-25 is to 2006-5-28
The sponsor: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Chamber of International Commerce of branch of Tianjin, the association of dealers of Tianjin, the electromechanical equipment in Tianjin calls for bid in the office , the holding group company of electromechanical industry of Tianjin, the science and technology association of Tianjin
The organizor: The international exhibition engineering company of Tianjin, abundant China exhibition service Co., Ltd. of Tianjin
Register and arrange exhibits: On the 23rd - the 24th of May , 2006
Show the trade: On the 25th - the 28th of May, 2006
Close and dismiss from the exhibition: May 28, 2006
The exhibition place: International Exhibition Centre of Tianjin (road No. 32 to Youyi roadof Hexi District of Tianjin )

The range participating in the exhibition:
Hydraulic press, hydraulic component, atmospheric pressure and hydraulic valve, hydraulic filter, cooler, can hold device , hydraulic jar various air cylinder cylinder hydraulic pumps. Various air operated valves, ball valve, proportion valve, choke valve, stop valve servo valve, finely tune the valve, pressure, flow directional control valve etc.. Hydraulic system and accessories of various engineering machinery, hydraulic system of electric water conservancy, electric steam turbine, resist fuel hydraulic system, wind-driven generator hydraulic system, lock headstock gear hydraulic system, rush down big floodgate hydraulic system and various hydraulic laboratory benches under high pressure, petroleum system including petroleum rig brake, rubber four roller rolling mill , petroleum cut hydraulic system ,etc. of in charge ofing etc.. Air operated press, the air operated component complements one, air operated internal-combustion engine and small-scale turbine, compress air technology, various hydraulic pressure air operated motor, vacuum apparatus, air clean apparatus, air operated three major possession, air operated instrument , hydraulic pressure air operated pipe fittings , defend , leak technology ,etc.. Hydraulic turn square device, hydraulic coincidence device into, jack, liquid glue transmission device, infinitely variable speeds fit. Rubbery seal, machinery is sealed, various hydraulic projects use the seal, car oil seal and rubbery fittings, O type encloses the oil seal of Model V, rubbery sundries, modes in Chinese operatic music rubbery seal, lip seal , metal seal, soft graphite seal installation, association sealed spacer, liquid state, half liquid fluid sealant. Mechanical drive: Mechanical drive component, gear wheel and gear wheel system, regular apparatus , the vehicle uses the gear wheel group, the diverter and drive shaft, change speed, moderating machine of the device, gear wheel system and other, shaft coupling and clutch, belt, chain plate transmission, special-purpose power transmission apparatus, power transmission attachment and power transmission expert system. Compress air technology: Air compressor, air compressor spend spare part , compress air deal with apparatus , vacuum technology and equipment ,etc..

Contact address: Hexi District, Tianjin of China, sharp mountain path No. 102 beautiful to unite Building room 806.
Telephone number: 022-28031958 13920054589
Contact: Wu Li
The postcode: 300211
Fax: 28031958

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