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Welcome to Tianjin!
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Tianjin Overview

Tianjin is called jin, is situated at northeast of the Huabei plain, east is near Bohai Sea, north depends on yanshan. Is located the basin downriver of Haihe river, is south the Haihe river five big branches the canal, north the canal, Ziya River, Daqing River, Yongding river's convergence place and the estuary, has the name of "nine rivers ends"; Also is the place of enter the sea of sub- rivers and so on tooth Xin River, Duliu jianhe, yongding xinhe, Chaobai Xinhe River, Jiyunhe River, it may be said "the key of river and sea ".
Whole city jurisdiction area is 11919.7 square kilometers. North and south long is approximately 186 kilometers, the east and west width is approximately 101 kilometers. The total population is 10.01 million people approximately. Tianjin altogether has 42 nationalities, Han Nationality accounts for the total population 97.69 percent, the minority Nationality account for 2.3%.
The Tianjin including 6 urban districts: Heping area, Hedong area, Hexi area, Hebei area, Nankai area, Hongqiao area. The dongli area, Jinnan area, Xiqing area, Beichen area 4 suburbs; Tangku, Hangu, Dagang 3 littoral areas; Ji county, Baodi, Ninghe, Jinghai, Wuqing 5 counties, altogether 18 areas counties.
The Tianjin major part is plain, only little partial is the mountainous region and the soldier mausoleum. North of its topography is northwest high southeast is low. Mountainous area is small, the plain is vast. The ancient seacoast vestige obvious existence (popular name shell dike), becomes the seashore plain the marvelous sight, is rare for our country other seashore area.
Tianjin belongs to the warm half moist mainland monsoon climate, the monsoon is remarkable, the four seasons are distinct. Spring is multi- sandstorm, arid few rain; Summer is burning hot, the rain water is centralized; Autumn cold warm moderate, was mad crisp and pleasant; The winter is cold, dry and few snows. Besides the Ji county mountainous area, whole year the average temperature for above 11c. In the January of average temperature in Celsius zero 4-6 c, in July the average temperature about 26c!
The whole city has the forestry to use the area is 139,000 hectares, has the forest ground is 124,000 hectares, the bush forest land area is 101,000 hectares, the plant nursery ground is1,000 hectares, other forest land area 4,000 hectares, the live standing timber always gathers accumulates 5.25 million cubic meters, forest cover reach to 3.7%.
Tianjin has verified the mineral resource mainly has the metalliferous ore, the nonmetalliferous ore and the fuel ore more than 20 kinds. The metalliferous ore and the nonmetalliferous ore mainly distribute the mountainous area of north Ji county, the fuel ore mainly buries in the Tianjin plain underground Bohai Sea continental shelf. The metalliferous ore mainly has the manganese boron stone, the manganese, the gold, the tungsten, the molybdenum, the copper, the aluminum, the zinc and so on; The nonmetalliferous ore mainly has the limestone calcareous rock, the barite, the lamina stone, the marble, the natural oilstone, the purple sand pottery clay, Maifan rock and so on. The fuel minerals mainly have the petroleum, the natural gas and coal gas and so on. Tianjin's superiority ore is the petroleum, the natural gas, the geothermy, the hydraulic limestone, the purple sand pottery clay.

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