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Welcome to Tianjin!
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Tianjin History

It is apart from now approximately 5000 ago, the Neolithic time ancients then started in this to live together with the work live. The east of Ji county end five miles excavate encircle the work place ruins, namely for the primitive society to business, the week time culture remains. The Shang Dynasty time, north Tianjin the mountainous area is distributing Shu and Di and so on national minority's some small countries. The Western Zhou Dynasty and the Chunqiu Period time, this area is the person of Zhao Jibai and its branch clan seals. The Qin generation, Tianjin area subordinate to the Shanggu county. Starts from the Western Han Dynasty, Tianjin govern Quanzhou ( Now the Wuqing), Dongpingshu (now Huangye), the Zhangwu (now Jinghai) such as the places. After the Sui Dynasty unifies China, started to construct the Grand Canal.
The Northern Song Dynasty time, Song and Liao two countries take Haihe river have confronted the aspect, North of Haihe river are governed by the Youdu office of Liao country, south of then was the Song Dynasty Gaoyang road kienning armed forces and the Cangzhou Qingchi county to govern, the Southern Song Dynasty for prevented the Liao armed forces went to south, At the Zhenyou two years (in 1214), supposes in now Tianjin three-road junction " Zhigu stronghold ", was the Tianjin earliest name. Yuan Dynasty then changes " Zhigu stronghold " is "the Haijin town", here becomes the the transportation center of tax grain transportation.
The Ming Dynasty Jiancheng two years, The emperor Yan Zhuli goes south from this place, captures the throne, namely Chengzu of the Ming, therefore, bestows "Tianjin" named, It means "the emperor fords place", and (in 1404) in the Yunglo two years set up the WeI in this place. The Qing Dynasty Shunzhi nine years (in 1652), three Wei merges, establishment the civil administration, the salt transported with the tax revenue, the military and so on establishes; The Yong Zheng three years (in 1725) changed Wei to state, and (in 1731) rose the government office in YongZheng nine years, governed a six counties one state, respectively was Tianjin, Jinghai, Qing xian, Nanpi, Yanshan, Kingyun, Cangzhou.
Republic of China first year (in 1912), abolished the Tianjin county to be organic, retained "the government office"; Republic of China two years (in 1913) then abolished "the government office", has reconstructed the Tianjin county. In June, 1928, the Nanjing national government set up "the Tianjin special city"; In June, 1930, the Tianjin special city changed by the Nanjing national government Executive Yuan directly under Tianjin; In November, 1930, the Hebei Province provincial capital went to Tianjin from Beijing, Tianjin then changed the municipality; In June, 1935, the Hebei provincial capital moved to Baoding, Tianjin changes the municipality. In July, 1937, the Japanese invading army invaded Tianjin, until Japan surrendered, Japan has altogether implemented eight years colonial rule to Tianjin, the Tianjin people deeply its evil. On January 15, 1949, Tianjin liberated, changed the Hebei Province municipality in February, 1958, latter returned to central municipality in January, 1967, Tianjin becomes our country one of four big municipalities from this.

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