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Welcome to Tianjin!
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Tianjin Cuisine

The Tianjin people have Yan Zhao's customs handed down from the past, the diet culture also receive Yan the Zhao customs handed down from the past the influence, the style by the thick line primarily, has "eight large bowls" "in a big way, four digs up" and so on, use the multipurpose large bowl bulk lots to dish the vegetable, the fish, the meat is big piece, although was inferior to the south vegetable of carefully and fastidious, but has Yan and Zhao large bowl to drink tea, the bulk eats the meat the straightforward gas. Tianjin vegetable source in folk, also abundantly picks the audiences disadvantage, manufacture method is extremely elegant, the taste is primarily by salty, actually also is rich in the change, in the present Tianjin vegetable by "eight large bowls" as representative, has division of thin and thickly eight large bowls, vegetable has the difference slightly; Tianjin's winter season four treasures are take Tianjin special product iron sparrow, the whitebait, the small crab, the hotbed chive as material of the banquet delicacies, likes for the people.
Moreover, in Tianjin's main street and small alley, also may eat the flavor cooked food of each place. But Tianjin's flavor snack, had the reputation, except was well-known the Chinese and foreign Tianjin dog to pay no attention to the steamed stuffed bun, the ear eye fried cake, the Guifaxiang fried dough twist these three type, but also had Zhang Ji the kernel of fruit, Caoji donkey meat, Dafulai the cooked rice crust vegetable, the stone key element steamed stuffed bun, the irises and orchids room cake as well as to paste the cake to boil characteristic snack and so on snack.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Eight large bowls
The method has the thick thin division, the thin eight large bowls refer to : the fish fillet, boil the shelled fresh shrimp, the family photo, the sweet-scented osmanthus fish bones, boil the butterfish, the Sichuan shredded meat, Sichuan big meatball, the loose meat and so on; The thick eight large bowls include: Fries the blue shelled fresh shrimp, boil the shredded chicken, all cooks the egg soup ovary and digestive gland of a crab, the trepang meatball, the silver piece meat, the consomme chicken, opens boil the chicken, the daily family activity burns the carp and so on. The eight large bowls often use in entertaining guests at a banquet, each table of eight people, eight vegetables on the table, all uses the uniform big large bowl when serve food, looks like refreshedly, eats satisfies a craving, has the strong local characteristic.

>>The winter season four treasures
Four treasures refer to hard sparrow, the whitebait, the small crab, the hotbed chive. Hotbed chive is quite common, the hotbed chive scrambled eggs are the simple dish; Hard sparrow is one kind of house sparrow, after the oil boils is the delicacies for drink; The whitebait is the unique delicacy of north area, may dip the egg white fried wheaten to food, the delicate is fragrance and palatable; The small crab is one kind of crab, the volume is small like copper cash, but the paste fat and beautiful taste, is the high quality goods in winter season.

>>The clear fries shelled fresh shrimp
As the saying goes "eats the fish to eat shrimp Tianjin is the family", the clear fries shelled fresh shrimp is a best representative. This shelled fresh shrimp is the live shrimp water has presently peeled, meat is sweet and full, again was joined to the slice the small blue melon on to explode in the clear wok with cooking oil fries, after took a pot off the fire the melon crisp shrimp fresh, the luster was attractive, is neat very some teeth cheek unrefined resin feeling.

>>Four big digs up
Refers to several type vegetables which matches with "eight large bowls", cannot alone become the mat. Four big digs up not only has four kinds, mainly includes: Digs up the whole chicken, digs up entire duck, digs up the elbow, digs up Fang Rou, digs up the trepang, digs up the gluten, digs up the fish and so on.

>>The "Goubuli" steamed stuffed bun
By ferments the bread to enter stuffing and so on pork steams to become. Acquires fame because Goubuli that its founder Gaoguiyou infant name. Its color white exquisite, the form likes the chrysanthemum, the cheek has the vigor of nips, the stuffing heart soft glossy, is fat but not greasy. At the end of Qing dynasty, the Gaoguiyou opens the steamed stuffed bun booth in the south canal three-road junction. Because its pains ponder over, practices unceasingly, creates the method of water steam, half yeast and so on, causes the steamed stuffed bun to be characteristic, infant name and the steamed stuffed bun fine reputation disappears without a trace by customs, store front words Dejuhao is to be unknown.

>>The Guifaxiang bread twist
The Guifaxiang bread twist, the luster is golden and yellow, flavor is mellow, has the fragrance, crisp, crisply, the sweet attractive characteristic, does not lose flavor or taste in dryly the ventilating place laying aside number month, not soft, does not deteriorate. The Guifaxiang bread twist to have "the colored principle tiger", "the hemp axis", "the string head" and so on many varieties. Each bread twist center clamps has the assorted stuffing crisp strip which by seasonings and so on sesame seed, peach kernel, melon seed kernel, green plum, sweet-scented osmanthus, candied fruit and essence water compounds. When manufacture acts according to the bread flour quality adjustment crisp size, the adaption temperature height change fluctuates, the alkali dosage fat, guaranteed readies the materials the allocated proportion. After the bread twist takes shape, admits in the peanut wok with cooking oil to explode thoroughly on the slow fire, again clamps the crystal sugar block, scatters seasonings and so on candied fruit, sugared melon slice.

>>Ear eye fried cake
The fried cake is the Tianjin traditional features snack, the operator is multitudinous. Jinmen has a household famous domestic and foreign ears eyes fried cake shop decades seem like a day, persisted in choosing the material to be fine, is fastidious the craft, places throughout the quality first, causes the fried cake variety which oneself manages all the more to carry forward, with the Goubuli steamed stuffed bun, the Guifaxiang bread twist calls "Jinmen three certainly" food. Because the fried cake shop is abutting only then more than 1 meter widths long and narrow alley -- ear eye alleys, the people then charmingly call Liuji the ear eye to record the fried cake shop. The traditional ear eye fried cake uses ships north the river coast Yang village, Hexiwu and Wen An which along the Ziya River coast, the yellow rises which produced by Ba County and the Jiang rice which after with the stone mill grinds to the gruel shape, abundantly in cloth sack. After pours water on the fermentation to exchange the alkali to treat as the cheek; Again uses the Spanish red adzuki bean which Tianjin produces, makes the bean filling, adds the high quality brown sugar to boil the juice in the pot to fry the kidney bean paste stuffing, after cool makes the stuffing heart, after wraps securely the warm oil (130 ?) to put into the pot, the attendance turns the industrious extension, like this explodes the fried cake, the luster golden yellow explodes "the thorn", the fried cake cover crisp Gen trigram, inside is soft glutinous does not stick, the bean filling thin sweet is tasty, has a distinct flavor.

>>Caoji donkey meat
Caoji donkey meat, acquire fame because the founder surnamed is Cao, until now already some more than 200 years histories. Caoji donkey meat, selects fresh high quality donkey meat, matches by the many kinds of spices, admits in the pot the slow fire to boil seven to eight hours. Caoji donkey meat, richly contains the protein, crisp rotten is easy to chew, the flavor is tasty, is renowned far and near.

>>Pastes the cakes biscuits to boil the small fish
"Pastes the cakes biscuits to boil the small fish" is the typical Tianjin flavor snack, actually also is the extremely ordinary pot luck. Makes pastes the cakes biscuits to boil the small fish, the fish must choose slightly. Should better be the live white small carp, the meat tender thorn is soft. The cornmeal was the same year fresh grain. After the agriculture home use sautes the heat greatly, the bottom of the pot deep-fried fish, the pot helps all around to transfer is pasting the full cakes biscuits. The firewood standing grain cannot burn too fiercely too long, must pay attention grasps the duration and degree of cooking, the warm flare spice depends on only. As soon as uncovers the pot cover at the appointed time, the fragrant air is fly to four direct. The cakes biscuits leaves the pot, golden is tying a layered coke loud snapping sound, nips, is also crisp also fragrant, is boiling the small fish, all does not need the fishbone to put out.

>>Tianjin cooked rice crust
So-called "the cooked rice crust vegetable" is the Tianjin unique flavor thin food snack, also is the Tianjin person universal love eats. The cooked rice crust vegetable main material is cooked rice crust, is by the superior mung bean and the high quality millet, the water grinds to the thick liquid, the booth becomes the pizza, slivers to the piece of leaf of willow. By the sesame oil, Xuan powder, the chrysanthemum, the surface thick liquid, the soy sauce, the fermented bean curd and so on make into the halogen. Then, puts the cooked rice crust in the halogen, mixes gently, moistens the full halogen completely by the cooked rice crust up to, then put it in the bowl, again scatters the chili oil, the sesame oil negligent hemp sauce, the fermented bean curd juice, the fragrant vegetable leaf immediately and so on. Cooked rice crust vegetable crisp delicate fragrance, lubrication palatable, again matches by the flat wheatcake sprinkled with sesame, the wooden club condyle sub- and so on, the flavor is unusual.

>>Zhiwei room water burn trip
Tianjin flavor snack. The characteristic is the shredded tripe fresh, crisp, tender, tasty. Dips the material when eats before it's too late, the taste is mellow, has is good for the spleen raises effect of the stomach.

>>Tianjin fries in oil the grasshopper
The Tianjin people like eating the grasshopper specially. Around before the autumn, the grasshopper gives birth, the meat is fat taste beautiful. This season, everywhere obviously sells the peddler which fries in oil the grasshopper. Has been clear the grasshopper with the hot water, after air dries fries ripely with the pot, adds the few minced green onions, drenches the meat juices cooked in soy bean sauce then to make the vegetable. Mouth tasty salty, the minced green onion taste is thick.

>>Stone gate element package
Tianjin tradition flavor snack. Invention by the end of the Qing day harem nearby real element garden restaurant, the material was fastidious, works fine, by the auricularia, the cauliflower, the dried bean curd, the mouth mushroom, fragrant did, the gluten, the bean vegetable, the fermented bean curd, the hemp sauce, the sesame oil and so on takes the material, each steamed stuffed bun all pinched 21 booklets, the strong fire steams several minutes namely to be ripe. The characteristic is stuffing big and the skin is thin, the fragrance is rich.

>>Bean curd brain and aged bean curd
The bean curd brain, take the soft bean curd as the main material, into the bowl, pouring the halogen, puts the little chili oil, the soup of garlic again then to be edible. The Hui person shop management bean curd brain, by the sheep bone soup, the mutton, the mouth mashroom and so on makes the halogen, pouring to the soft beancurd, assists by the sesame jam, the chili oil, fresh fragrant is delicate, flavor alone. The aged bean curd, take the hard bean curd as main material, into the bowl, falls in seasoning and so on soy sauce, the soup of garlic, fragrant-flowered garlic cauliflower, thick bean sauce, chili oil, Chinese prickly ash oil, thin hemp sauce, the flavor fresh salty, the delicate fragrance is tasty.

>>The biography explodes the element to coils
Makes the skin by the dried bean curd, with the mung bean vegetable, fragrant dry beancurd, the vermicelli, the coriander matches by the sesame jam, the fermented bean curd, the sesame oil, seasoning accent and so on mixes the stuffing, then places the stuffing on the skin to tuck again slivers the section, two stick batters explodes the system in the wok with cooking oil to become. Explodes the element to coils, luster is golden yellow, outside crisp in tender, light is palatable, is the Tianjin characteristic flavor snack.

>>The palace snack -- "the fruit kernel opens"
The Tianjin fruit six manufactures each kind of delicacy fruit kernels, the spontaneous combustibility coloration and puts the fragrance, the fragrance but is not vulgar, sweet but is not greasy, the luster is tasty, crisp and delicious, the long time does not store the wadding. The fruit kernel opens the end product take the shelled peanut, the cashew kernel, the walnut kernel, the melon seeds and nuts, the almond, the loose seed kernel and the many kinds of legumes as main material, has the fierce appearance, the amber, only the fragrance, the milk fragrance, the five spices, the orange fragrance, the lemon, thin Ke, the tomato, the Chinese hawthorn, the edible seaweed, the coffee, the cocoa, the soup of ginger and so on category and the fragrance, sweet, crisp, crisp, sour, cool, is hot and so on the feeling characteristic in the mouth.

>>The pattern Luozi
Has the stick to beat Luozi, the fire grate of Luozi, the sugar, old tiger claw, the flowered six petals, opens divides, the small Luozi seed cake, the sugar Luozi seed cake, the egg Luozi and so on 10 varieties, for specially makes the bread flour to explode, enters the oil fries ripe. Taste is fragrant, the pattern are many, flavor respectively different.

>>Tianjin taste loud snapping sound Pakistan vegetable
The loud snapping sound Pakistan vegetable (popular name "cooked rice crust vegetable") is the regional cuisine snack which Tianjin is in sole possession of, until now already some 300 years history. Starts doing business "the big luck comes" the loud snapping sound Pakistan vegetable grocery in the Qing Guangxu Dynasty by its high quality raw material, the multi- tastes mix manufacture, leads the field in the competition, establishes a new school. Readies the materials, the manufacture, the quality strives for perfection, to cause the loud snapping sound Pakistan vegetable this alone Jinmen characteristic the snack variety, likes for more and more many restaurant patrons.

>>The Enfade steamed dumpling
Islamic flavor snack. The calabash goes to the skin with the cleaning west to go to the fruit pulp, the mutton powder thoroughly with the boiling water. Stirs into the soy sauce, the peanut oil, the sesame oil, the refined salt, the powder of onion ginger. Finally take the calabash stuffing to it to mix evenly. Will roll the surface will push pinches the taoist priest hat shape the stuffed dumpling unbaked and unglazed pottery piece, on the steamer tray will steam ripely with the strong fire. The characteristic has nips the vigor, does not infiltrate the oil, fat but not greasy, the fresh and tender taste is beautiful.

>>Fresh fruit stuffing sweet dumplings served in soup
Tianjin flavor snack. The manufacture method uses the fresh fruit, after cuts to pieces with the sugar salt system in, makes the stuffing according to the formula, grinds the superior polished glutinous rice the powder, rolls making. The characteristic is the delicate fragrance tasty, the powder glutinous softly slides, the fruit taste is thick, unique flavor.

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