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Welcome to Tianjin!
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The Festival celebration of Tianjin

>>The emperor of Tianhou Palace meet
Activity that the lunar calendar is held for commemorating the queen empresses on birthday on March 23, have a long history, later, because Qing dynasty emperor of Kangsi comes to to Tianjin to appreciate flower meet of Tianhou Palace, granted by an emperor the flag, then renamed as " the emperor meet" hereafter. Because Tianjin is located in the seashore, have more households living on sea generation, and the navigation is a very dangerous thing, so is unpredictable and maritime in destiny, people have to pray to gods' blessing. Queen empress i.e. the South refered " Mazu ", is sea God, burning incense hold very much in Tianjin, and have flower fair offered sacrifices to that moves about more. Queen birthday such as empress to get legend each time, have law drum, lion, flagpole-waving, flower-drum various perform everywhere in taking Tianhou Palace as the centre place these, will be all through the night sometimes.

>>Tianjin Chinese rose festival
Between June and annual May, it is Tianjin that holds the festival of the Chinese rose. Tianjin Chinese rose section establish on 1984, Tianjin municipal government determine Chinese rose as city flower that year, planting and culture of Chinese rose develop on a large scale very much in Tianjin, every May Chinese rose in full bloom season, enjoy flowers, admire the beauty of flowers and become an important activity, nowadays, have already developed and become the international tour festival with local characteristic .

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