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Welcome to Tianjin!
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The amusement in Tianjin

It is as the back garden of Capital of Beijing, not only the commerce is prosperous, but also the prosperity very much of entertainment industry, Tianjin place of entertainment inside all everywhere, famous shopping place Tianjin Chuanye market, not only the shopping plaza that visitors must go, but also one of the famous places of the amusement of Tianjin, here famous a " six day ", Heavenly Palace cinema, day theatre, it happy theatre, scene of China, latitude ball society, it reveal teahouse, heaven rise places of entertainment such as the theatre ,etc. it is the largest multi-functional, high-grade new comprehensive place to incorporate do shopping, recreation amusement into an organic whole of Tianjin.
In the area under the jurisdiction of the municipal government of Tianjin, there are numerous golf courses and clubs, there is China Na golf club of buying area of the pool, lie in the international golf club of the beautiful district in the east, of Nankai area India golf club, lie in peace Songjiang river group of district moor lake golf club and of east district of river northern part of the country golf club ,etc..
If does not really like these modern amusement ways, can choose to incorporate in the characteristic culture of Tianjin, cross-talk, transfer at the Tianjin, Tianjin clapper ballad, modern drama ,etc., while sampling, close the eye and think, experience the conversion in space-time, combine one's own experience, should magically change into medicine of soul .

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